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It would probably be better for someone else to describe me cos I'm not very good at this bit, but I'll do my best! I'm currently studying for an English Literature and Language Degree with the Open University. It's hard work but good fun and I've made lots of online friends. I was diagnosed with ME in 2009 which made study extremely difficult, but with the help of an excellent tutor and great learning support team at the OU, I managed to complete the year. Since then I have carried on and learnt to cope , managing my studies around the ME. I have a WONDERFUL husband who looks after me and three beautiful cats who I couldn't live without!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Freddie's 1st Birthday

Well Freddie was one on March 14th and our friend Joanna came over to help us celebrate. With her she brought lots of treats for both felines and humans alike.

Her pussy cat Thyme, a beautiful tabby cat is very timid, and although Joanna loves to buy her exciting toys to play with many of them she is scared of  :-(  So Freddie got the gift of a wonderful toy incorporating a ball for little paws to spin round the edge and a ball in the top compartment for little paws to attempt to fish out!  (which they can't due to the design, but not for want of trying!) Its the only toy in our house which all our cats play with! Freddie also was given some Whiskers Temptations, which as any cat owner will tell you, at some point in they're lives every cat goes through the phase of being able to quote the wonderful Oscar Wilde  "I can resist everything except Whiskers Temptations!"  (I quote the late furry Oscar Wilde of course!)

For the humans among the party there was cake, beautifully iced with Happy Birthday Freddie on it, and an intricate icing Freddie on it with perfect markings.

All in all it was a lovely day and I can honestly say all our cats, Leo, Frankie and Freddie enjoyed seeing Joanna! These are the cats who normally run from anyone who comes in the house but even Frankie let herself be picked up by this strange but oddly calming lady and cuddled in! Leo came and decided he wanted to go home with Joanna in her bag and Freddie was just to interested in his new toy! I was just in shock!!

So that was my little kittens 1st birthday party. I can hardly believe he's one. They grow up so fast.

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