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It would probably be better for someone else to describe me cos I'm not very good at this bit, but I'll do my best! I'm currently studying for an English Literature and Language Degree with the Open University. It's hard work but good fun and I've made lots of online friends. I was diagnosed with ME in 2009 which made study extremely difficult, but with the help of an excellent tutor and great learning support team at the OU, I managed to complete the year. Since then I have carried on and learnt to cope , managing my studies around the ME. I have a WONDERFUL husband who looks after me and three beautiful cats who I couldn't live without!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How Time Flies....

Well it's June already! Wow! We now have a new addition to the family in the form of Freddie, an adorable tabby & white kitten. He's 4months old now though we have had him just over a month. He's cute, naughty and a magical ball of mischief! He loves his cat tunnel, given to him by his pussy cat friend, Thyme (who would probably be terrified of him if she met him!) and he loves playing with anything that moves, including the tails of our other cats, Frankie and Leo! They are not too impressed with Freddie at the moment but haven't left home which is definitely a good sign. Ultimately Freddie is a Mummy's boy and when he needs his kitten nap it's to me he comes. He settles himself high up under my chin and cuddles in, going inside a fleece if I have one on, then accompanied by a purr to beat all purrs he does what cats do best and sleeps! 

We'll never forget Oscar, he truly was a Cat Unique, but its good to be a 'three-cat family' again!

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  1. Freddie will never get in your fleece now, he's too busy protecting his tree from the strays, and attempting to catch birds with his "Run towards them in a scary fashion, with mouth open and paws in the air" technique. All he has caught so far is a bird that fell out of a tree [maybe] and his own collar that he'd lost the previous day. What a helpful kitten. Now, if only he could go to the shops.