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It would probably be better for someone else to describe me cos I'm not very good at this bit, but I'll do my best! I'm currently studying for an English Literature and Language Degree with the Open University. It's hard work but good fun and I've made lots of online friends. I was diagnosed with ME in 2009 which made study extremely difficult, but with the help of an excellent tutor and great learning support team at the OU, I managed to complete the year. Since then I have carried on and learnt to cope , managing my studies around the ME. I have a WONDERFUL husband who looks after me and three beautiful cats who I couldn't live without!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Hi People!

Well this is new to me, but this is a place for anyone trying, whether successfully or not, to live a life with ME. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). One day I'll learn to say that word!!
  I was diagnosed with ME in June 2009 but I believe I was suffering from it much earlier, it just went undetected because I have Epilepsy and any ME like symptoms were associated to the medication I was already taking. However it was only when my whole body finally gave in, in March 2009 that ME was finally suggested.
  Since then I've tried going to an ME clinic (useless, though I'd like your views of clinics in your area), ME groups arranged by the clinics (much the same as the clinics) and now I'm more a less learning myself what is best for my body by trial and error.
  At the moment I'm having a relapse but I'm hoping that it won't last much longer, I know now that it is just a relapse and I will come out the other side with a smile on my face even if it takes months. The power of Positive Thinking! So let me know how your all getting on!

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