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It would probably be better for someone else to describe me cos I'm not very good at this bit, but I'll do my best! I'm currently studying for an English Literature and Language Degree with the Open University. It's hard work but good fun and I've made lots of online friends. I was diagnosed with ME in 2009 which made study extremely difficult, but with the help of an excellent tutor and great learning support team at the OU, I managed to complete the year. Since then I have carried on and learnt to cope , managing my studies around the ME. I have a WONDERFUL husband who looks after me and three beautiful cats who I couldn't live without!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween etc.

I don't normally like Halloween, kids knocking on your door wanting money, most of them not old enough to be allowed out by themselves anyway. This year though when my God Daughter, Angel, (pictured right) turned up on my doorstep, aged 2wks off 2yrs dressed as a witch, I was delighted. She was with her mum, of course, and one of the few Halloweener's that ever make an effort to dress up, (other than buying a cheap mask and try and scare people witless with it). "Happy Halloween" were her prompted words, much friendlier than the usual "Trick or Treat". She had a little bag full of sweeties, which she was so happy with. 

I visited my Godson, Thomas, (pictured right) on Monday, only to find him a poorly little boy. I had brought Halloween cakes up for him and his sister Jessica, who was at school, but it was clear that Mummy or Daddy, (probably Daddy! Sorry Glen) would be eating his. I really felt for Thomas. At 18mnths it must be hard to understand the feeling of being sick. Hopefully he will return to his happy little self very soon.

Having no children of our own my God Children are very important to me. We hope to have children in the future but I hope that  Thomas and Angel will always be part of my life.

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